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Logo design, print on different elements of the Raffica sailing team

Logo and typographic and silk-screen printing for the sailing vessel

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The services provided to this job Raffica

Brand identity

Brand identity

Graphic design

Graphic design

Raffica, a renowned yacht and sailing team from Naples, was an incredibly exciting project that provided me the opportunity to express my creativity and graphic design skills.

The process began with a detailed analysis for the restyling of the logo, which embodies the power, speed, and competitive spirit of the team. I created a design that symbolized the wind and the sea, with soft and dynamic lines that also suggested the idea of an animal's crest in motion. The color selection aimed to capture both the essence of the maritime environment and the team's unique identity.

I didn't just design the logo, but also conducted a precise simulation of how it would appear on the team's official uniforms (T-shirts, caps, and windbreakers). I then had stickers printed that could withstand marine conditions, strategically placed on the boat to optimize visibility during races. The result was a strengthened image of Raffica, instilling a sense of pride and belonging among its members.

This collaboration was incredibly formative, allowing me not only to apply my design skills in a very exclusive context but also providing a very enticing experience in the world of typographic and screen printing.

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Raffica: some graphic representations of the works carried out

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