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Logo, brochure and website for the Forio d'Ischia Nautical Club

Advertising collaboration for sailing events and competitions

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Circolo Nautico Punta Imperatore

The services provided to this job Circolo Nautico Punta Imperatore

Web design (UX/UI)

Web design (UX/UI)

Sviluppo web

Web development

Brand identity

Brand identity

Graphic design

Graphic design

The Circolo Nautico Punta Imperatore, located in Forio on the island of Ischia in the Gulf of Naples, is a landmark in the sailing and nautical activities of the island. My collaboration with this club allows me to significantly contribute to its visual and communicative identity.

My involvement in the project begins with the creation of the logo, which aims to capture the essence of the sea and especially the promontory of Punta Imperatore located in Forio d'Ischia. Subsequently, I develop the entire coordinated image, including the design of business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and other branding materials such as promotional flyers and corporate presentation brochures in various formats.

As for the sailing events organized by the club over the years, I have had the privilege of managing the entire advertising aspect, producing graphics for the printing of posters, banners, leaflets and other promotional supports that have increased the visibility of these events.

In the digital realm, I designed and developed the website of the Circolo Nautico Punta Imperatore using Html, jQuery, Asp, and The site was designed to be user-friendly and informative, offering intuitive navigation and a lively design.

I am currently continuing to collaborate with the Circolo Nautico Punta Imperatore, taking care of both the club's image and the graphic management for the sailing events it organizes.

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Circolo Nautico Punta Imperatore: some graphic representations of the works carried out

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