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I design, develop, optimize
Web sites


How I work

I design websites

I study and analyze the project

The preliminary phase of the project is crucial, as it includes the analysis of the product sector and the competition. This in-depth study predetermines the strategic planning of the project, e-commerce or storefront, including the definition of objectives, technologies and the allocation of necessary resources.

website design

I draw and elaborate the graphic layout

Once the analysis phase has been completed, it is essential to develop a graphic layout, according to the principles of UX/UI design, which reflects the client's needs and is coordinated with the company image. This will be the visual foundation on which the website will be built, effectively conveying key messages and brand identity.

website development

I develop and debug the website

From the graphic design phase we proceed to the development of the website. Here the previously selected technologies are implemented, the necessary code for the various functions is applied and with the debugging phase the perfect functioning of the website is guaranteed, ready to be published online.

I optimize websites

I optimize the code for SEO

After the website launch, an audit is performed to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This web marketing process includes a series of interventions that aim to improve the structure and optimization of content, to make the website more easily indexable by search engines.